Epic Motivational and Inspirational Music

Epic cinematic emotional track

Stylish Rock Music For YouTube Videos and Films

Perfect for Go Pro videos, rock trailers, extreme sports videos, achievement videos, slideshows, fighting videos, car commercials, openings, and any kind of stylish action scenes in your video production.

Hard Sport Electro Background Music

Will be perfect for: intros, advertising, slide show, tech infographics, presentation, promotional, corporate videos, travel vlog, timelapse video, business and commercial, real estate videos.

Как написать трек в стиле игры DOOM. Mick Gordon Style

В этом ролике мы посмотрим, как написать трек в стиле игры DOOM. Какие использовать гитары, синтезаторы и другие элементы, чтобы сделать трек, похожий по стилю на Mick Gordon. Погнали!

Action Doom Game Trailer Background Music

Inspired by the almighty Mick Gordon and his awesome DOOM soundtrack, this track delivers fast hitting drums and percussion, action packed guitar riffs, pounding bass guitar, epic synths, lead guitar, melodic guitars, booms and hits, Industrial elements, etc…